6Souls  is a handmade, bohemian line dreamed up by designer Diane Clifford

Originally born in Manchester, England, Diane migrated with her family to Australia and resided in Sydney, NSW.

As a child, Diane started designing clothes for all of her dolls. Inspired by her grandmother who was a dressmaker, making clothes was in her blood.

Her passion to create led Diane to teach herself the skills of pattern and dressmaking.

Early teenage years were spent having Christmas holidays on the sunny beaches of Byron Bay and Brunswick Heads

In the 1970's Diane was living between Byron Bay and Mullumbimby. She became a manager at the first groovy clothes shop in Mullumbimby and Byron Bay called "Sunshine Love".


Her designs have a heavy ethnic tribal feel, with a lot of Native American and Bohemian influence. “The ranges from feminine frills of soft meshes to the earthy tones of natural leathers and beads,” Diane says. “Fabrics are where I draw most of my inspiration, it talks and inspires the feel of what I’d like to produce. “I live, breathe and eat creativity, it’s a beautiful, constant drive and vision. I see a piece of fabric as an artist’s painting and my mind tick-tocks seeing my imagination come to life in my mind’s eye“.


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